We can’t have shit/More Queens Court stuff

So I go to tune into The Queens Court thinking I’d see TS Madison by herself or with a co-host last night and this heffa waited until the last minute to let us know there wouldn’t be an episode of The Queens Court and that it wasn’t coming back until March 19th. That’s over a damn month. This was my Monday night entertainment and I’m still salty. Khia went on Instagram Live earlier today discussing why she left and how she told Maddie not to do this and that but Maddie still did it anyway and cussing folk like she always does. Khia insisted she still loves Maddie and that’s reassuring because Scorpio’s are hateful as fuck and once you piss them off they are through with you, similar to Virgos lol. Anywho when TQC comes back Maddie and Khia both need to be on the damn docket. Funky Dineva is still my top choice and check this post out she made yesterday:


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