The Queens Court/My list of possible Khia replacements

So with Khia saying on social media that she will not be on tonights The Queens Court with TS Madison a lot is still up in the air. Will she be back on the Monday shows in the future? Will Maddie be doing this alone? Will there be a new co-host? I’m not here to read Khia cause I’ve already done that up and down Twitter. It is what it is. She left Maddie hanging when Maddie needed her the most and that tells me what kind of person she is. Anyway, the show must go on because many of us love it and Maddie so I’m going to throw out some possible Khia replacements.

Funky Dineva


Look. I love me some Funky Dineva. She (using the female pronoun to talk about the Funky Dineva character don’t read me) has been vlogging and blogging for years now. I live for her Real Housewife of Atlanta videos. She has known Madison for a while and they are on good terms. Funky did a video last week on the state of The Queens Court which was really good and insightful and chock full of helpful advice. I’m sure Funky and Maddie have a good chemistry and Funky can read someone for filth without being downright hateful with Funky and Khia have worked together in the past and something went left and they no longer speak but Khia outted him on Instagram for doing coke which we all knew and isn’t a surprise. Many of us know Funky Dineva has been through some drama but none of us are perfect and she seems to be doing better these days. I’m hollering just thinking about all the good old songs they would sing together in between roasing people. My first choice.


Tami Roman

I threw Tami’s name out on a popular message board who shall not be named and got groaned for it but why wouldn’t she be a good Khia replacement? She has a slick mouth and already reads people and dishes advice on her very popular The Bonnet Chronicles. Tami has been around for a while in the reality television scene and I know her best on Basketball Wives beating bitches asses. I think she’d be a good replacement and will read people on the docket nice/nasty.

Tasha K

Tasha K came onto my radar about a year or two ago when she did a video reading the dog shit out of Steve Harvey’s big lipped ass (I know I got big lips too but Steve has me beat!) and I’ve loved her since. She has the popular Youtube show Unwine Β With Tasha K where she drinks wine, spills tea and drags celebs. I love her because she keeps it real and has also chimed in on The Queens Court drama on Youtube and pretty much read the locs off of Khia’s head. She pissed Khia off so much that she blocked Tasha K on Instagram so having Tasha K replace her would piss Khia all the way off and make for some good social media rants by her.

These are the top three people that came to mind when Khia picked up her auntie purse and left Maddie looking dazed and confused and knocking shit over. Let me end this by saying I really don’t want Khia to go anywhere. I love her and Maddie together and want Khia to continue to prosper and The Queens Court has put her back in the spotlight. I know Khia was vlogging on her own for years but many of us weren’t checking for that or her music until TQC. Khia is hardheaded and there is that possibility that she won’t be back. Makes me sad as this is the platform that could really launch her into the stratosphere. Self sabotage is a bitch.

Do you agree with my three? Who are your top three possible replacements?

My snacks will be ready for the show tonight.


  1. Esse D

    February 12, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    Chiiiillle. Funky Dineva would be amazing on there! I’m a little torn between her and Tami though. I can just see the energy being phenomenal between TS Madison and Tami. Madison should do pilot shows with both and have the fans vote. THAT would create a buzz and is just good marketing if you ask me!

    1. AwkwardlyReeRee

      February 12, 2018 at 2:30 pm

      Esse D that is an amazing idea! I like having the fans vote!

  2. Cupcakescholar

    February 12, 2018 at 4:46 pm

    Love all three choices! I would love to see Funky Dineva in that spot.

    1. AwkwardlyReeRee

      February 12, 2018 at 5:03 pm

      Right Cupcakescholar? They would be such a dynamic duo. This needs to happen.

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