Shit I’m over 2/23

I’ve been feeling some kind of way for a while. I’m the nicest person you’ll ever meet but for some reason people love to come for me (approach me with some bullshit or say/do something passive aggressive for those of you not well versed in slang). I literally stay the fuck out of peoples way and live my life and take care of my child. I refuse to entertain foolishness well into my thirties. Everyone expects black women to be loud and be the funny bitch but the moment we’re quiet and not doing all the stereotypical shit people have seen on tv or their one black friend does it must be something wrong with us. I’m not much of a talker. Ask my family on both sides. Ask my friends who have known me for a while. Hell, ask my man. This is me. No I’m not always quiet but I am the majority of the time, especially if I’m in the zone or worried about something which is a smooth 85%. My quietness should not make anyone feel uneasy. I am literally staying in my lane and minding my black ass business. Excuse the fuck out of me for existing. If you don’t like me then just leave me alone. If you have to talk to me, turn the condescending shit down like 10 notches and fake nice as much as it hurts cause I may be quiet but you can still catch a good Shelby (SHELL TOWNNNNNN!), North Carolina cussing.


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