Seventeen minutes and some change of straight roasting

I know my posts have been centered around The Queens Court lately but dammit it’s good drama and my life is boring as fuck right now which isn’t a bad thing cause I don’t need drama in my life. I’m just gonna drop one more video. This is Funky Dineva roasting Khia in response to her video earlier today. Funky Dineva is still my top choice to replace Khia if Khia decides she doesn’t want to be on the winning team. One thing I love about Funky Dineva is she lives in her truth. Khia spoke of seeing her snorting coke off a counter. Funky didn’t deny she has partaken in the white horse but insisted she never did it on a counter in front of Khia. This is all just deliciously messy. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

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