Fuck Khia

And while I’m up at 4am like I don’t have to be up in a few hours for work I would like to say FUCK KHIA. I caught a few snippets from her online show Gag Order (eye roll) and she came for TS Madison who was supposed to be her sis AND Nicki Minaj (who was working on getting them a show on television!). She’s a homophobic guttersnipe who used Maddie to get a bigger following and now that they’ve fallen out she’s calling Maddie all types of names. I’m not a member of the LGBTQ community but I’m an ally and would always side eye Khia whenever she’d say the f word that rhymes with hag or misgender a trans person but I rocked with her because Madison seemed to love her and they did have good chemstry but Khia can go play in traffic now. She has even stooped as low as to make fun of Monique getting molested by her brother. Someone like that will never prosper at a higher level. Β I don’t know why anyone gay, straight, brown, white, whatever would still fuck with her at this point. She’s rotten from the inside out and will learn that you can’t keep talking shit about a community that supports you. Khia is cancelled.

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