About Me


I’m a Virgo. I can either be your best friend or a bitch you can’t stand. Many choose the latter.

I’m in my mid thirties going on eighty. Get off my lawn.

Favorite cheesy 80s movie will forever be Just One of the Guys. Baby Joyce Heyser was serving us LOOKS throughout the movie.

I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life. So yeah…I’m country as fuck. I love liver mush.

I have only one child. I’d love to have one more but the way the cost of daycare is set up…Seriously daycare cost more than my mortgage.

Nineties music is bae.

I hate public speaking with a vengeance.

I rooted for Killmonger in Black Panther. They shouldn’t have left him!

I lost my mother when I was twelve and my father when I was thirty-two.

If you’re a Tr*mp supporter I really don’t have shit to say to you.

I suffer from anxiety which I hope to get help for one of these days when I stop being hard headed.

My favorite podcast in the whole world is The Read.

Shows I think should get a reboot since reboots are popular as fuck these days: Night Court, Ghost Writer, Mama’s Family, and Married With Children.

If you ever want to contact me to tell me how awesome I am the email is awkwardlyreeree@gmail.com